• [completed] Sheltered Housing Refurb.

    [May 2016 - John McCall Architects - RIBA Stages 0-7 - Design & Build Contract] Project architect responsibilities (under supervision by practice associate). An existing development in Everton had been the victim of an earlier attempt  to create a sheltered housing development from this group of 3 blocks of council flats. The 1990s development left a series of draughty and overshadowed external walkways linked to a central communal block. Following an extended conception stage working closely with development officers at this housing association, the most cost-effective solution was renovate the existing development, with the added challenge of keeping existing residents in-situ for the duration. After several design iterations, a brief was set to establish internal walkways connecting all blocks. Challenges were posed by the construction of the existing blocks in a notorious 'no-fines' aerated concrete, which severely limited moves to create new openings or add load to existing structures. This was overcome using a light-touch approach, minimizing punctures in the existing fabric and opting for a lightweight timber frame construction. The design inverted the site using short stretches of corridor running around the outside of the blocks to link to an eye-catching and inviting communal block accessed directly from the main road and local shops. Demolition of the offending communal block and walkways aided the creation of a sheltered South-facing communal garden for the enjoyment of the residents.