• [research] Gross Housing

    [April 2017 - Tutor Dr Leandro Minuchin / Manchester School of Architecture - Dissertation] Awarded a first. ABSTRACT: This study seeks to assess the effects of neoliberal government policy on English housing stock since it’s gradual integration into the dominant political philosophy in the 1980s and 90s. Housing policy since 1945 is analysed to assess the relative trend toward regulation and deregulation, to drive an understanding of the types of effects that policies aimed at deregulation and anti-monetarism may have had. A statistical methodology is formulated, derived from the fields of housing economics and policy research, coupled with a perspective of architectural spatial criticism. The data study experiments with the manipulation of existing aggregate census datasets and other public sphere information on house prices and government housing stock in order to extract detailed trends and drive the basis for an aggregate model to eventually capture, categorise and assess the nation’s housing stock.