• [concept] Music/Market

    [Oct 2009 - University of Plymouth - Year 3 Design Project]

    Working within a 2 week time-frame I was briefed to generate a conceptual proposal to redevelop this derelict 19th century, grade 2 listed Italianate market hall that was recently relinquished by Devonport Naval Base from a land-grab that followed the Plymouth Blitz in the 1940s. Context Analysis showed strong degrees of deprivation correlated with the ex-military compound which had all but cut off this part of Devonport. One half of the town was isolated by a 12 foot compound wall topped with barbed wire, and a mix of political gerrymandering and ongoing perceived vilification from the rest of Plymouth has meant that a large swathe of the city had been allowed to stagnate. Performing minimal interventions to reinforce the existing structures, while maintaining the patchwork of profiled metal it had inherited from its years of neglect for its symbolic value, my proposal was to help reinvigorate the local community by transforming it into a social hub: setting it up as an informal market / music hall, involving locals by utilising a ‘car-boot’ market ethos and informal music venue types as an alternative to the corporate industrial shed supermarket architecture that has steadily encroached on Plymouth since it was put out of action.