• [competition] Charrettes

    [Dec 2009 - University of Plymouth - BA Architecture] Vertical Team Project Working with students from all years in the school, we were briefed to envisage a future scenario for Devonport where the influx of climate refugees had caused the population of the local area to double. Our group were given a coastal site with a large area of parkland. Not wanting to build on this important feature, we proposed an ad-hoc megastructure suspended above and extending out into the mouth of the River Tamar framework that would welcome the gradual accumulation of immigrants and encourage a process of integration by inhabitation. [Mar 2010 - University of Plymouth - Design Competition] Jigsaw Garden Competition Working with a companion, I responded to a local competition to regenerate an area of wasteland close to the city centre of Plymouth with an extremely limited budget. Noting that Plymouth was in need of a water feature, and taking an intervention by Olafur Eliasson in Johanessburg as a precedent, we decided to introduce a palette of industrial and agricultural landscaping components and a scrubland aesthetic to frame an arena for an periodical intervention of literal 'inondation'. Creating a tranquil inward-focussed space akin to local types of amphitheatre, activities such as chalk drawing on the ground and artistic play would be encouraged, all to be periodically washed away by water discharged from large agricultural accumulation tanks at the highest point of the site. Collecting rainwater to be discharged during sunny days, the intervention would create rivulets and safe water features for children to play, while washing away chalk drawings and ritually cleansing the site.