I am a [senior] architectural assistant with five years experience designing for a broad range of sectors, different procurement methods and construction techniques, working both in practice and by private commission.

After graduating from the University of Plymouth in 2010, I progressed towards an MA by Research in Architecture and, although I have not matriculated, I developed a firm grounding in research with my focus on the political impacts of modern dwelling design. I have since been engaged in developing my ideas and considering new research methods. My intention is to seek out objective and empirically grounded methods for generating viable egalitarian domestic archetypes in urban contexts. Assorted influences are [in no particular order]:

Robin Evans | Alejandro Aravena | Neave Brown | Richard Dawkins | Claude Levi-Strauss | Krzysztof Nawratek | Cedric Price | Michel Foucault | Henry David Thoreau | Douglas Adams | Assemble Studio

Since 2013 I have been employed by John McCall Architects in Liverpool where I have worked upon a large swathe of projects in what is now my primary field of expertise – social housing developments for Housing Association and HCA-funded clientele. Selected organisations I have worked with include:

Liverpool Mutual Homes | Adactus Housing Group | Affordable Homes Consultancy | South Liverpool Housing Group | One Vision Housing (Sovini) | Chorley Community Housing (Adactus) | City West Housing Trust (ForViva) | Liverpool Housing Trust (Symphony)